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Old Botesdale & Rickinghall in Story by Arthur Bryant

Arthur Bryant was born in Botesdale on June 2nd 1930.  His Father was a Co-Op breadsman and in later life drove coaches for Simonds of Botesdale.  Arthur’s Father likewise had been born in the village.  His Mother, who was in service, was born in neighbouring Hinderclay.  When fourteen Arthur left school.  His Mother did not want him to work on the land so Arthur was apprenticed as a wheelwright with Sturgeon Brothers at Diss where he learned both his trade and general carpentry.  On his return from National Service, Arthur, on realising that the wheelwright business had a limited future set himself up as a small builder with his brother.  With an ever observant eye and an interest in history, they would take any old artefact found in their work along to their friend Basil Brown for identification.  Basil Brown’s shed was legendary for the things that he hoarded and he had already become famous for his discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure.  It is people like Bail, the renown Nurse Farnish, the village midwife and nurse that Arthur tells us about for she delivered both Arthur and his children.  Like wise he tells of PCs Gosling and Brodie and brings them and their feelings alive in story in a way that a history book never can.  He tells of the idiom and ways of the people both before the period of rationing, during and after the war, how they coped and of their contentment.  How they were bombed and Mother had to be taken to the American Hospital at Redgrave.  It was a period of no indoor sanitation, queues outside the village shops and great characters to tell the stories both true and sometimes purposely ‘tall’.

Total:  1 hour 5 minutes  Produced:  August 2011

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