Blaxhall - The 2003 Revisit


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Geoff Ling, who is photographed singing on the front cover (in his younger days) and who can also be heard singing on this DVD, could well be described as the last of the old traditional singers of The Ship Inn. Blaxhall, Suffolk.  This DVD however is not just about entertainment, it was arranged to celebrate and discuss with the decendents of the original Blaxhall singers, the whole of the idiom and cultural ways of this small community that went to produce it's unique self entertainment in music, dance and song.  Once 'discovered', it was to become internationally famous but this was sadly its undoing for the invasion of people from urban 'folk clubs' finally killed off the culture that they were unwittingly imitating.

Many 'song collectors' have come from urban society to Suffolk to take away with them nothing more than marks on pieces of paper and celuloid, having little or no regard or understanding for the people themselves, and the background that went to produce the music.  With this DVD it is hoped to make some redress for that.

It will be difficult to understand this DVD if the listener is not familiar with the 48 songs that were recorded in 1963, when the old Blaxhall community was still alive and intact.  A CD of this can be purchased from the address below.  It is important to understand that the music on this DVD and the 1963 CD has nothing whatsoever to do with the latter-day folk revival that has progressed so far away from the tradition

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