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Bob Bussingham – Champion Horse Ploughman
Robert Walter Bussingham was born at Leighton Bromswold Huntingdonshire on 29th September 1926.  His Father was a horseman and in 1931 the family moved to Stretham in the Fens.  It was here whilst working for Sir Frederick Hiam that the young Bob started with his Father working horses on the land.  On leaving school he went to work on Sir Frederick Hiam’s estate as a horseman ploughing in the Fenland tradition of single line.  He tells us that they would have one midday stop for ‘dockie’ at 10.30 – 11.00 o’clock.  Dockie is a well known phrase in the Fens but little used outside and refers to the bag that the horseman had to carry on the horses haimes in which to collect docks as they went across the field.  They would also put their food in it, hence its name.  In 1947 whilst working for Mr Ruane in Cottenham with the floods they had to move out to Kings Lynn but were glad to come back to horsework.  In 1960 when the Ferguson tractor took over and the age of the working horse seemed over Bob moved up to Suffolk.  He had little to do with horses until 1976 when he went to a show at Loddon and met Gilbert Edwards.  Bob then travelled Gilbert Edwards Shire Stallion for him and started horse ploughing again, this time in the Suffolk tradition of double line.  Later with Kenny Eaglen, he spent much time schooling horses and then went to ploughing matches all over England winning many ploughing prizes.
Total Time:  1 hour & 12 minutes  Produced:  November 2006

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