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Here are two DVDs of Cliff Pearman telling us tale after tale though dialogue with his engine driver and work mates of his life and times on the steam trains.  They each run approximately one and a quarter hours and could have been made shorter and more ‘commercial’, but to do that we feel would be sacrilege for here Cliff relives in mirth and jest almost every minute.  In so doing he reports to us not just the stories and anecdotes of the time but drops in valuable information.  Not academic information but information and know how seen through the practical working life of a footplate fireman underlining his skills and the understanding needed for the job.  He tells furthermore of the attitude of fun and enjoyment of the times on the engines in an exacting hardworking life.
Born Clifford Harrold Pearman on 22nd October 1929 ‘under a gooseberry bush’ at Weston Coalville (the next village to Westerly Watercress)!! he informs us.  He went to work on the railways at the age of fifteen and had the usual hard bringing up as an apprentice starting at the bottom and learning how to clean the engines first and suffering all the tricks that apprentices have to go through.  Later he tells us with pride how he took the Royal Sovereign carrying the body of King George VI 1952 from Kings Lynn to Kings Cross Station in London for the state funeral.  When diesel engines started coming in, in 1957 Cliff decided that he did not welcome the changes and had no wish to stay on after thirteen happy years decided to leave.  He tells us he would not have wanted to have gone through life without ever having been on the steam engines.
Double DVD
Time Approx:  1½ hours  Produced:  January 2006

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