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The outside world that we used to drop in on the 50’s / 60’s at other local pubs across Suffolk.  Such as Polstead Shoulder of Mutton, Naughton Wheelers, Elmsett Crown, Assington Shoulder, Boxford Compasses, Three Horseshoes at Shudy Camps, Helions Bumpstead, Three Horseshoes, Cavendish Eight Bells, Melford Hare and Hounds and in East Suffolk Butley Oyster, Snape Crown, Ashe Buck, Ashe Talbot, Blaxhall Ship, Whitnesham Barley Mow, Gosbeck Greyhound, Swilland Half Moon, The Red Lion  Little Wratting and the Marquis of Cornwallis at Chedburgh where Terry Blainey, the Irish landlord would play his melodeon and sing ‘I know an old man who’s called Hogan and he’s taken the plague of my life’ (Patsy McCann, a great humorous Irish song) which sadly has this first line clipped on the CD.  In a similar vain is Walter Jarvis’ birthday at The Kings Head, Saffron Walden in the 1970’s.  I include this here by courtesy of Dave Stacey and I am sad that there is not room for more of his sayings and country jokes, because he was/is a real entertainer.  I have included Jack Tarling’s Farmer Palmer’.  Songs of this nature and very much those of the Singing Postman are now being accepted into the tradition by local singers, although they are of course not more than 30/40 years old.  The people of the tradition will see that the tradition goes on in it’s ever-changing form.
Bill Dolby ends with two goodnight songs.  Most entertainers had hello and goodbye songs.  There are many many more things I would like to have said about the ways of these interesting people so it is essential that this CD is heard in conjunction with the book of the series of CDs, concerning the idiom of the people of Suffolk.




CD 1


Piano music by Maisie Cutmore

  1. My old woman Albert Bromley

  2. Just as I was getting into bed Albert Bromley

  3. Bandy Bertha Albert Bromley

  4. I've got something to be thankful for Albert Bromley

  5. Half a crown Monty Chapman

  6. There's no place like home Tommy Williams

  7. Patsy McCann Terry Blainey

  8. An Englishman, a Scotch-man and a Hebrew Horry White

  9. Two legs sat upon three legs Horry White

  10. In these old lavender trousers Sid Cooke

  11. No I don't like to do that Sid Cooke

  12. The Muffin Man Sid Cooke

  13. Obadiah Zacharia Carl Saunders

  14. Don't be cruel to a vegetable/when a winkle walks upstairs etc Albert Lusted

  15. Its my meatless day Charlie Cutmore

  16. Swim sam swim Charlie Cutmore

  17. Every morning Charlie Cutmore

  18. That's when you feel alright Charlie Cutmore

  19. With a little bit of cu'cum'ber Charlie Cutmore

  20. I'm the most miserable man on earth Charlie Cutmore

  21. The darkies' Sunday school Emily Howe and Elsie Jaggard

  22. Oh Granny what big eye you've got Emily Howe and Elsie Jaggard

  23. There is a market down our way Emily Howe and Elsie Jaggard

  24. You can't get many pimples on a pound of pickled pork Emily Howe and Elsie Jaggard

  25. Farmer Palmer Jack Tarling

  26. My brother Sylvest Bill Dolby

  27. Goodnight Recitation Bill Dolby


Disc 2


Piano music by Maisie Cutmore


  1. The wedding of Eliza and me Charlie Cutmore

  2. Wire in my lads Charlie Cutmore

  3. The little wigger wagger in me hand Charlie Cutmore

  4. Hey dad oh don't you know Charlie Cutmore

  5. Mickey Dunn's party Charlie Cutmore

  6. Keep your hand upon your halfpenny Beryl Cowan

  7. Two foot up the wall Beryl Cowan

  8. The bus shelter Beryl Cowan

  9. The Lavenham egg song Rex Gage

  10. She promised to meet me at the gate/Scented soap Rex Gage

  11. I'm going to sing a song to you this evening Rex Gage

  12. I can't get my winkle out Dave Andrews

  13. Sambo pegged out Dave Andrews

  14. As I was going to school one day Dave Andrews

  15. It won't last very very long George Cowle

  16. The codfish song Fetler King

  17. The German Clockmaker Company of the Batsons Arms

  18. It's holiday time again Company of the Batsons Arms

  19. Put a bit of powder on it father Company of the Batsons Arms

  20. You mustn't pull it our round here Company of the Batsons Arms

  21. Mucking about in the garden Company of the Batsons Arms

  22. I had a bit of meat last night Company of the Batsons Arms

  23. Cockey doodle do Company of the Batsons Arms

  24. I tickled her under the chin Company of the Batsons Arms

  25. Do give over tickling Company of the Batsons Arms

  26. The little shirt me mother made for me Company of the Batsons Arms

  27. Let somebody else have a go Walter Jarvis

  28. Far,far away Fred Morley

  29. I'm going to sing a song to you this evening Walter Jarvis

  30. Let's have a little bit more Walter Jarvis

  31. When I was single Walter Jarvis

  32. I'll be your sweetheart Walter Jarvis

  33. Shades of the old apple tree Walter Jarvis

  34. Ragtime Picadilly Nibbs Bill French

  35. Go and porn yer face Bill French

  36. Cheerio everyone cheerio Bill Dolby


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