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Fred Cable, born at Brandeston in the heart of East Suffolk on 12 July 1906, revels in his natural inherited identity. 
He left school at the age of fifteen to work on the land as his Father had done, and his Grandfather before him – all of whom were likewise born in Brandeston.  His Mother pamela (nee Fisk) was born in Laxfield nearby.  As a young boy Fred would be down the allotment with his Grandfather unconsciously absorbing not just his words but the whole idiom of how he spoke and communicated.  Words such as ‘sarnicking’ – meaning to wander aimlessly and ‘sention’ for the weed grounsell were in natural occurrence.  It was an oral tradition where the word ‘mawther’, for a young woman and ‘bor’ were daily in use.
As George Ewart Evans was to write it made for ‘communication at the highest possible level and was not slovenly speech as academics would have us believe’.
Such words and expressions are not to be found in the academic Dictionary ‘standardised’ for literate communication.
Having been asked to tell a few stories to entertain on the village stage, Fred came to the attention of Radio Suffolk and it is here that he was given a regular programme becoming known as ‘Fred – The Rural Correspondent’.  At a time when those of a more literate background are imitating our old and dying inherited speech for the sake of ‘worzelised’ entertainment it is refreshing to find a natural – someone who is not a fake.  Fred can be found with his natural Suffolk humour and dialect opening Village Halls and entertaining at local Harvest Homes and other Village Celebrations in his time honoured manner.

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