Out With Me Gun in the Morning


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Them here unaltered together with further songs from Jack Stannard, an octogenarian who still entertains in his locality.  I also have a DVD (NLDVD03) available with further songs from Jack and much tradition of his beloved Suffolk Horse.  Jack was recorded in November 2003 whereas Eagar Button along with others were recorded in the early 1960s.  I recorded Edgar in his cottage at East Bridge.  He used to sing at his local, the Eels Foot pub which is well documented for its presentation of traditional song.  His style, as will be heard, is very deliberate and slow as these songs were sung in the old way.  Keith Summers, who is sadly no longer with us, would be the first to admit that he is not a traditional singer.  Keith however made a lot of similar recordings in Suffolk to the ones heard here.  He had a good understanding of the tradition, agreeing that ‘the singer is more important than the song’ which is at the crux of what this is all about.  Keith’s wit and understanding are sadly missed.
We had a good release night for the original cassette as Swefling Crown which was chaired by another sadly missed colleague, Steve Monk.  It was well supported by traditional singers including Tony Harvey, Hubert Freeman and Jack Tarling.  Sam Friend’s son Dick wore his Father’s best blue serge Suffolk Horseman’s Suit – a very prized possession and part of the history of our county as it is distinctly only found here.  Keith came too and sung ‘Saved the Child’ so I include it here as a mark of respect.



  1. Blow ye winds in the morning Alf Peachey

  2. The Irish family Alf Peachey

  3. Jolly old uncle Joe Alf Peachey

  4. Proud of me old bald head Alf Peachey

  5. The poor old couple Alf Peachey

  6. Johnson's Hornpipe Alf Peachey

  7. Soldiers joy Alf Peachey

  8. Goodbye Annie Alf Peachey

  9. Three Jolly Postboys Alf Peachey

  10. The Miners dream of home Sam Friend

  11. John Barleycorn Sam Friend

  12. Dick Turpin Sam Friend

  13. The poor smuggler's boy Sam Friend

  14. The faithful sailor boy Sam Friend

  15. The wedding ring my mother wore Sam Friend

  16. Jim the carter's lad Sam Friend

  17. Talking of taking a pig to Alfred Preston's auction Sam Friend

  18. Out with me gun in the morning Jimmy Knights

  19. Ratcliffe highway Jimmy Knights

  20. Tomkins was a traveller Jimmy Knights

  21. Marrowbones Jimmy Knights

  22. The landlords prayer Jimmy Knights

  23. A shoving 'em into e Jimmy Knights

  24. I'm good enough for you Jack Stannard

  25. The letter edged in black Jack Stannard

  26. There was a little monarch Jack Stannard

  27. Running round the fountains in Trafalgar Square Jack Stannard

  28. Letting the new year in Jack Stannard

  29. Ramble away Edgar Button

  30. The female cabin boy Edgar Button

  31. Swinging down the lane Edgar Button

  32. Saved the child Keith Summers


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