Songs from the Idiom of the People of Blaxhall - Double CD


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Cyril Poacher was an artist of that there is no doubt but there was another artist who also lived at Grove Farm to which one can draw a parallel.  George Thomas Rope who died in 1929 studied to become a professional painter and exhibited at the Royal Academy but on taking offense at a local comment made about his work retired from Exhibiting to become a recluse to paint only for himself.  Whilst other Artists painting for money procure their living by often making ugly ladies look pretty George portrayed the local things about him that he loved.  His fresh watercolours and sepias features cockerels crowing on a farm gate, cats coming through a hole in the barn door are delightful and again as Suffolk as they come.  Cyril Poacher, similarly used his talent not for the fame and glory of the wider world, but for himself in his own environment entertaining the people around him using all that he knew and loved from his background.
Recorded circa 1963/1965 and produced by Neil Lanham, who would not only like to thank his Mother for having him but also for the wonderful adventure that the old ditties she sung caused him to take.



Disc 2


  1. Here we are again Wicketts Richardson

  2. Australia Bob Scarce

  3. Ipswich poaching songs Bob Scarce

  4. Somebody would shout out shop Wicketts Richardson

  5. Nancy of Yarmouth Len Savage

  6. Malitia men Arthur Richardson

  7. Hard to say goodbye Bob Scarce

  8. Lamplighting time in the valley Cyril Poacher

  9. Its Rendlesham races Wicketts Richardson

  10. Paddy stole the rope Bob Scarce

  11. The foggy dew Len Savage

  12. The nutting girl Cyril Poacher

  13. Bold Freddy Archer Arthur Richardson

  14. Kitty Wells Geoff Ling

  15. Old Grey Coat Arthur Richardson

  16. Among my souvenirs Geoff Ling

  17. The deserter Bob Scarce

  18. Two little girls in blue Cyril Poacher

  19. Polly on the shore Bob Scarce

  20. Oh play to my gypsy Gordon Keeble

  21. Bold General Wolfe Bob Scarce

  22. Brothers Bob Scarce

  23. You can talk about Napoleon Bob Scarce





Disc 1


  1. Bonnie bunch of roses Bob Scarce

  2. Tooraloo Bob Scarce

  3. Only a leaf Geoff Ling

  4. The battle of Balaclava Bob Scarce

  5. Only an old faded letter Bob Scarce

  6. The London prentice boy Bob Scarce

  7. Fagin the cobbler Wicketts Richardson

  8. The Broomfield wager Cyril Poacher

  9. Sprig of thyme Cyril Poacher

  10. Pretty Maggie Geoff Ling

  11. Can I come home again Bob Scarce

  12. The Dolphin Bob Scarce

  13. In the shade of the old apple tree Geoff Ling

  14. Mother Bob Scarce

  15. Ratcliff highway Bob Scarce

  16. Joe Muggins Cyril Poacher

  17. Of a ship the royal called Rainbow by name Bob Scarce

  18. I'm a young man from the countery Cyril Poacher

  19. The Green bushes Geoff Ling

  20. The maid and the magpie Cyril Poacher

  21. Flask company Cyril Poacher

  22. Black velvet band Cyril Poacher

  23. Irish jaunting car Cyril Poacher

  24. Running up and down the stairs Cyril Poacher

  25. Goodnight speech and song Wicketts Richardson


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