Traditional Songs of the People of Lavenham


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This CD is of local people singing the songs that they have learned from others in their own environment and is furthermore recorded in that environment, thus there are many sounds that would not be heard on a studio recording.  It is a world apart from a studio recording and those people who go to record there.  This is unpretentious and is our culture, a culture that is only passed from ‘mouths of men’ to quote Sabine Baring Gould and George Ewart Evans.  It can never be resurrected from an ink stain on a piece of paper in a book.  It is our true heritage and should be valued for what is and not disregarded for what it is not through the eyes of ‘modernism’ of the current passing age.

To include as much as possible, space has only allowed some songs to be in fragmentary form.  They do, however show the variant of the tune and the raucous enjoyment of the company in country bar rooms when these recordings were taken in the mid ‘60’s and emphasise the extent of change since.



  1. Three Old Crows Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  2. As I was going to Barningham Fair Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  3. Join I in the chor-i-us Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  4. I likes our sari Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  5. Mind yer own business do,do,do Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  6. The wedding of the wooden leg family Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  7. The Red Herring Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  8. The trombone player Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  9. I don't want a girl from Melford Green Jack Drury & Elsie Wheeler

  10. Talking about weaving and housen Ria Johnson

  11. An old man came courting me Ria Johnson

  12. There's trouble in my native land Ria Johnson

  13. The girl of Oxford city Ria Johnson

  14. There once lived a girl in Scotland Ria Johnson

  15. Maria Martin and the Red House Barn murder S. Turkentine

  16. Hoo-rah for the ploughman that lives at Frog Hall Arthur Baalam

  17. While gamekeepers lie sleeping Arthur Baalam

  18. Talking of his horseman's initiation Arthur Baalam

  19. The herring's head Arthur Baalam

  20. That's the time to catch 'em Arthur Baalam

  21. Bungay Roger Tickles Alleston

  22. The Derby ram Tickles Alleston

  23. The fox looked out on a clear still night Tickles Alleston

  24. The raggle taggle gipseys Tickles Alleston

  25. Pig feeding calypso Tickles Alleston

  26. Up a that pear tree I got landed Ernest Grimwood

  27. It's of an old farmer in Cheshire Ernest Grimwood

  28. A bunch of holly green ivy Sid Hollicks

  29. Tippertoe-billygo-lairyo Sid Hollicks

  30. At Trinity Church I met my doom Sid Fellows

  31. A little bit of cucumber Sid Fellows

  32. At a football match last Saturday Sid Fellows

  33. Imitating racing tipster Sid Fellows

  34. The other department please Tommy Williams

  35. Toodle-I-al Alby Avenue

  36. Yarmouth Hornpipe Tommy Williams

  37. Story: The lost sow Pippin Riddlestone

  38. Jack's a lad Pippin Riddlestone


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