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On the double CD of a compilation of his songs you will find that he has altered it under such academic pressure to Aylesbury!  Here he sings it in the unadulterated way that he sung it in his own community and for his people – I never went back anymore to either the Crown or Butley Oyster after this but sought different pastures where the tradition was not stifled by academic interference.
Bob Hart was gardener to Benjamin Britain and at the time he was writing his opera, Peter Grimes, which was based around Snape Crown, he needed a Suffolk folk song.  Bob was only working a few yards away just outside his window but he didn’t think to ask him and like most academics had to go to books and got hold of the Burl Ives American Song book because it mentioned in there that the Foggy Dew was known in Suffolk.  It is of course completely different from the true local version that his gardener Bob could have sung for him and Lenny Savage, another Snape man sings it as on the Blaxhill Ship CD.
Walter Benjamin tells us that ‘it is the contemporary storytellers job to subvert artificial contrivances with artful stories based on experience and awaken the story teller in others with the truth and subvert the myths that stand in paths of freedom’ so I make no apologies here for being subversive in pursuit of the continuation of the uninterrupted flow of our old Suffolk Traditions.
I hope you enjoy these stories in song from an age when it seems that there were less ‘artificial contrivances’ to prevent their flourish!




  1. The banks of the sweet primroses Bob Hart

  2. Underneath your apron Bob Hart

  3. Ramble away Jumbo Brightwell

  4. Newry Town Jumbo Brightwell

  5. Three gypsies betrayed her Jumbo Brightwell

  6. Never go midnight walking Jumbo Brightwell

  7. The handsome cabin boy Bob Hart

  8. Australia Bob Hart

  9. A smackman's life at sea Bob Hart

  10. His days work was done Bob Hart

  11. Bold General Wolfe Bob Hart

  12. This native land Jumbo Brightwell

  13. The little shirt that mother made for me Clarence Sawyer & Bob Hart

  14. Why have I no daddy? Bob Hart

  15. The Jasper Sea Jumbo Brightwell

  16. The game cock Jumbo Brightwell

  17. Pleasant and delightful Jumbo Brightwell

  18. The Banks of the Nile Jumbo Brightwell

  19. The bold Princes Royal Jumbo Brightwell

  20. Three times round went our gallant ship Cis Ellis

  21. Standard bread Cis Ellis

  22. Two convicts that were seated Percy Webb

  23. The old donkey driver Cis Ellis

  24. Rap-a-tap-tap Bob Hart

  25. As I strolled out by Happisburgh Bob Hart

  26. The Royal Albion Bob Hart

  27. The Parsons creed Jumbo Brightwell

  28. The Irish soldier boy Jumbo Brightwell


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