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John Ellis was born on the Broxted Estate, Sutton, nr Woodbridge on 11th July 1924 He is the son of Tom who was a renowned horseman.  John tells us his first memories were of being with his Father on the game cart, ‘they always had their best Suffolk Stallion pull the game cart’, says John ‘as it was something for the govenor to talk to his guns about’. 

When he left the Broxted Estate John journeyed across East and West Suffolk having to move on as varying families sadly sold their horses.  He moved down to Surrey for five years to be with horses and then on to the infamous George Knight of R C Kinght and Sons the auctioneers who had six farms in Norfolk.  He finally joined his Father again with thoroughbred horses at the Longstones Stud, Kennett near Newmarket and when his hips weakened he joined Day Crowhurst and Partners, the Veterinary Surgeons in Newmarket in 1978 and was there until he retired in 1989.  ‘An interesting time’ John tells us as he could see things from a different side.

John’s Father Tom was a well known horseman and for many years worked and showed Suffolks for A H Worth at Soham.  He would do many things with horses that other could not.  John tells us here of the secrets and way s he inherited from his Father Tom and of his own daily experiences with horses in an age when the horse was not a plaything but a working tool and living instrument of power needed to cultivate the land.  Jon’s way s as you will see were those of kindness and respect for both the horse and all the nature.

Picture:  John and his Father lead Old Bells Glenda and her foal at the Suffolk Show  Time:  54 minutes approx. Produced:  December 2005

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