John Mauger - The Great Coaching Revival


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John Mauger – The Great Coaching Revival

John Mauger (pronounced ‘Major’) in his three previous DVDs tells of his life as an auctioneer to joining Thimbleby and Shorland the specialist agricultural and equestrian auctioneers where his pioneering work established the world famous Reading Carriage Sales.  It was through the latter that he became passionately interested in what became known as The Coaching Revival.  The period of the National Stagecoach was but a short one. little more than the first half of the 19th century, the gradual demise coming with the advent of the railways, and prior to 1800 the roads had been inadequate for long distance stage coaches.  Whilst the railways ruled economic transport people could not forget the great coaching days and there was a re-birth of interest which culminated in a revival circa 1860 leading into the new century and up to the time of the First World War.  Two of the leading lights in this were James Selby , a professional coachman, and the American millionaire Alfred Gwyn Vanderbilt.  Both of these gentlemen, as you will hear, became cult figures.

Time:  1 hour & 7 minutes approx.  Produced:  September 2007

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