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Josh Martin (Junior) was born in the Red Lion Soham to a horse dealing Father also named Josh and to a horse dealing Grandfather.  He has been a Horse Dealer and Knackerman all his life.

To some  his story telling may seem drole and slow.  It is compared to the lack-lustre speech of today but to me it is an excellent example of how people used to speak in his age using story and with it passing wisdoms.  He takes his time to spin out a yarn but then people had more time then and I have heard other people of his age tell stories similarly.  There was more time then so one has to learn to be patient, but I knew he was a storyteller from the first time he started breaking into the all familiar dialogue of a true storyteller.  ‘How are you Josh’ I said when I arrived, ‘not so bad for an old ‘un’’ came the reply, which is the same thing as my Mother who was born four years before Josh would have said.

I spent two and a half hours with Josh on a November morning in 2004 and these are a selection of his stories.  Stories that are anecdotes of an age and into which valuable information about the period is slowly dropped in.  Important information about the age when the horse ruled for it was the means of transport and power on the land and those who did not know sufficient would suffer from their lack of knowledge for the knowledge of horse has many facets.

Here Josh explains some of the tricks of the old dealers, what to look for in a good horse and why he had to know the Romany language that was adopted by the horse dealers.

‘If you dicked a bori grys whats pongos, you had to gin ‘em or you’d waste your wongo’, he tells us.

The front cover shows Josh at the back watching his horse being sold at Chelmsford Market also in the picture are (left to right) Devi and Ted Porter, Bodger How, Charles Nott, Jim Porter, Harry Palmer, Jock Spears, Dick Porter all important horse dealers of their time.

Time:  1 hour & 10 minutes  Produced:  October 2005

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