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In Great Britain however the indigenous country people have gone unrecognised and are still largely treated as, not the first but the last people as  schoolroom education, urbanisation and mechanisation increases its encroachment into the few remains that are left of natural life.


The true Gipsy was the last of the British hunter gatherer - living off the land and as Les tells us anything that moved on the land, and most of what grew thereon, they regarded as theirs. Some days they had food and some days they had none. He furthermore tells us how he was brought up, at first living under a sheet of canvas, and what that experience was like, and how they were constantly being moved on. You will hear about their families, all gypsies, and all sorts of stories of surviving a very strict father who fought for his country in the 14-18 war to chasing after the hunt to get the goat back for milking.


When the white man was taking ever more land, an old Indian at the government enquiry, which usually precedes the sacrifice of the land, stood up and said ‘If this is your land then where are your stories?’ Well these are Les and Edna’s stories about what they liked to call their land. They did not seek title deeds of freeholds just the freedom of the road but as they will tell you ‘you cannot hover in mid air’. So it is a way of life that we shall not see again for it has been squeezed out of the vastly changed modern world.

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