Life on the Road No 4


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On this DVD Edna tells of how firstly Les, and later herself, became Christians and went on to hold open air meetings around their camp fire one evening every week , for which both gorgers and gipsys would come many miles.  Edna also tells how she was happiest living outside the wagon and hated being shut inside.  Edna tells how that on becoming a Christian she gave up furtune telling, and destroyed all of the charms she used to sell, instead, she carried a small bible in her basket, and although she could not read, enjoyed quoting from the bible, and telling of how she found Jesus.  They are proud to be Christians and wqually proud to be Gipseys.

Edna can be seen wearing a rare traditional 'Pinna', which she has preserved for special occasions.  It was originally made to order over seventy years ago, in a part of Birmingham, and it features had embroidered cartouches of flowers in amazing detail, which makes it quite beautiful.  Edna also talks about the Nottingham lace that she used to sell from her hawking basket

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