Life on the Road No 5


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On this DVD Les tells of some of the little tricks and cunning ploys that were made in the daily encounter whilst selling on the road.  Edna talks of her early life and how she slept outside under the wagon with a canvas sheet around them.  Even now she says she would rather be outside than in the wagon. She then goes on to tell of the Mother and how she would make pegs to be sold whilst hawking in the villages.  Edna demonstrates how to make a bunch of chrysthumums out of a few sticks and dyes them in the juice of blackberries picked from the hedge, while Les makes for us a quantity of pegs from hazel broaches held together with bands that he has cut from a Coke can.

If one were doing this for commercial reasons one would have pared the content down to about 5 DVDs and not a whole series of seven.  These DVDs, however, are not made for the sake of commerce, but, to show the whole life of a way of living that due to mechanical, social and technological changes will not be seen again and I feel that it is important that everything should be left in, to give the full ambience, feelings and thought patterns produced.

Regrettably the sound in the wagon varies and adjustment may be occasionally needed.

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