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Born in 1930 on a farm in South East Essex to a Father who always had Clydesdale heavy horses and driving cobs, Maurice has continued his inherited driving traditions to this day.  He met Tony Harvey about 40 years ago when Tony was Judging at the South East Essex Driving Club and when Maurice moved to Brandeston in 1972 a further link was formed.  Tony Harvey as has been explained (DVD 28 & 29) was steeped in the tradition of the horse all of his life.  He haunted with every mounted pack of hounds in the country and then wrote a book about it.  He started collecting carriages, gigs and traps at an early age.  In the winter he would hunt to hounds, and in the summer would be involved in all sorts of drives with his carriages.  There was for example, the Kipper run when he revived the run that his friend Sol Barber from Wingfield would make into Lowestoft to bring back the fresh Herrings and Kippers and then sell around the locality.  There was the 100 turnout drive meeting at Framlingham Castle.  Tony together with Tom Walne took a bow top gypsy Vardo from Tannington all the way to Appleby Horse Fair and back, which took nine weeks.  He then took his gypsy Reading wagon to the Derby, obtaining permission from the Queen to stay at her Mews in London on the way.  A renowned judge of carriage driving Tony disqualified the Duke of Edinburgh at an event at Lowther and it was a result of this that he was invited to stay in the Royal Mews on the way to Epsom.  On another occasion with Johnny Stammers, Maurice and Tony took their pony and traps all the way to Appleby Fair, ‘it took 11 days and there had to be much preparation’ says Maurice ‘to find not just the bed and breakfast for the drivers but for horses as well.  We covered about 35 miles a day on average’ he said ‘and raised £5,400, for Driving for the Disabled, after Tony and I had helped to found the Eastern Group’.  This was in 1992.  Maurice accompanied Tony on many of his journeys to buy carriages seen here, so who else could there be better to talk about them.  Because of the wind in the poplar trees the sound on here is not as perfect as one might hope, so if anyone should feel dissatisfied I will refund their money.
Time:  45 Minutes  Produced:  March 2007

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