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The Wisdom of Mick Massey

Mick Massey is a true Norfolk Countryman.  A man who would not venture far out of Norfolk unless it was important.  He is an observant man – a long headed man as we call them up here, with great perceptions and views based upon his observations from a lifetime of experiences with horses.  He has spent all his life as a farrier and for most of that time has also had his own horses that he has cared for and trained in the old ways for them to do various jobs such as working the gears that drive a threshing engine and ploughing with three horses.  He is well known at most of the local fairs, rallies, shows and horse meets of any kind where he give practical demonstrations.  Nowadays this is with a Timberdrug loading timber with his well schooled six year old mare Bessie.  Single handed he loads logs of all descriptions onto his timber carrier, by use of par buckling chains then bushing out of the wood.  Very much aware of all old horse machinery he has collected pieces all of his lifetime and has not just a sizeable collection but a considerable depth of knowledge and what is more important – the working of it.

These are not just stories for Mick has a mind which is typical of those that George Ewart Evens called ‘of the Prior Culture’.  Almost everything that Mick says here has a principle of understanding, from his observations of life and of people.  This DVD is full of understandings off the back brain that bring out a measurement on the situation such as when Paul Heiney asked him why he used a small horse for harrowing – ‘you don’t use an artic to go to collect  your fish and chips on a Saturday night, do you’? said Mick.  A true countryman’s metaphorical observation that puts a measurement on the situation in hand.

Time:  1 hour & 23 minutes approx.  Produced:  July 2007

Product Code: NLDVD43




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