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Mick Massey’s Oregon Horse Sale Adventure

When I went to visit that well known Norfolk horseman Mick Massey we firstly had a chat about the old horseman’s apparel, he immediately got his coat out and to tell me that was the one he wore when he went to Oregon.  Then seated by his fireside, for he had no central heating, he continued to chop wood.  I did not known where the story was going but he then revealed that he had wanted to buy a plough, not an ordinary horse plough, a ride-on horse plough as was common in America but rare here.  Having seen an advert in The Small Famers Journal for a three day sale in Oregon of horse equipment Mick decided to go.  Now Mick is a very rural Norfolk man, a man who would not travel far out of his own county unless he has to but very observant never-the-less.  So this is Mick’s rural, Norfolk observations of the similar back ‘woodsmens’ area of that distinct area of North West America.  Mick’s mind is full of little measurements and observations of people, their different ways and nature seen through the eyes of this positive and fun loving distinctly Norfolk countryman.

So this is Mick’s fun loving slant on his observations of the different ways of the people of rural America, their auction habits and ways whilst he above all secured his ‘ride on’ plough.

Time:  1 hour Approx.  Produced:  July 2007

Product Code: NLDVD42




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