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The Holderness Way – From Farm Boy to Hireling ‘Thuddie’

When George Ewart-Evans wrote his first book ‘Ask the Fellows who mow the Hay’ he said that he round his informants to be waking history books.  He was to write that the Suffolk horse today is a testimony to the old oral method of handing down history and to Herman Biddell’s recognition of the oral tradition for to compose the very first heavy horse stud book, that of the Suffolk Punch, he called upon 26 old Horsemen and found their memories remarkable.  Ron Creasey proves everything that Evan’s said and for me he was equal to the informants that Herman Biddell used when recording the accuracy of this important book.

But this is not Suffolk, this is the East Riding of Yorkshire which is different and the Holderness area of the East Riding is yet different again and it is this difference that is the beauty of it.

I spent 11 hours recording Ron over two days, I found both this memory and his extraordinary attention to detail quite remarkable and I think you will too for he is indeed a walking history book.  But it is not just plain information, which by itself can be boring, it is told by Ron through story after story which puts flesh on the bones of information.  It was a time so different from now and a place where culture was different from everywhere else.

Born in Hull on 9th October 1925 he tells of his early life being bombed out in Hull and evacuated to Holderness, through the stages of first becoming a farm boy and then being hired at both Hull and Driffield fairs.

I recommend it to anybody and everybody interested in any way in horse culture for Ron was to work with horses for the rest of his life.

In this series of three double DVDs of Ron Creasey most of the photographs were provided by Ron.  However three have been reproduced from ‘Horse Farming Through the Seasons’ by Herbert L Day with the permission of the Hutton Press.  We have tried to locate the ownership of the copyright of the other photographs but to no avail so if anyone should be aware of the ownership would they please advise us so that we can act accordingly.

Time:  DVD1:  1 hour & 2 minutes  - DVD2:  1 hour & 17 minutes  Produced:  April 2008

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