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Hireling Lad to Wagoner

Good Morning Mr Martmas
You’ve come to set me free
I don’t care for Master
and he don’t care for me

There are the words that Ron tells us that the hired lads would say on Martinmas morning when they would be paid for their year’s work.  It was traditional for the Master to say ‘Do you stop again’ if he wanted you.  On two occasions Ron had said ‘no’ and then stood in the hiring fairs at Hull and then later Driffield to be hired to go onto another farm.

Here he tells us all about this very different way of life and the traditions of the Holderness area which are far removed from the rest on the country and even from the rest the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Holderness is the remote area to the east of Hull running down to Spurn Head and is said to have been drained by the Dutch hence the similarity in guiding the horse with a single check line to the Dutch way.  It is also the tradition in the Cambridgeshire Fens which were also drained by the Dutch.

Here his attention to horse and farming detail down to the finest degree and Ron is a mine of information about it.  I found his mind a reservoir of a depth of history of detail the like of which I had not come across in my native East Anglia or anywhere else.

Ron was first hired at the age of seventeen outside of Holy Trinity Church, in the old town of Hull and then again at the age of nineteen at Driffield Fair this time by Norman Caley.  When he moved in he lived with the foreman where he found there was a precise pecking order.  Ron, the ‘Thuddie’, (third hand) took his place then behind the Foreman and the Waggoner to his helping of pie when the food was served and was expected to keep a similar vigilance on the land.  Here he tells of those days with a smile and a love of the times and revels in the agricultural difference.  This is not a third party perception, this is the true story from the first person in the play – the play of life – that of Ron Creasey, Waggoner and extraordinary horseman.

Please note that the first DVD lasts for 1 hour & 45 minutes which is probably best seen at two sittings, the second one is of 1 hour duration.

A Double DVD

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