Ron Creasey - The Holderness Way - 'Wagoner, Do You Stop Again'?


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‘Do you stop again Waggoner’

The following year after being hired at Hull Fair by Norman Caley of Marton, Ron was asked ‘Do you stop again’ if so would he move to West newton to another member of the Caley family.

Ron did as asked and this DVD new tells of his life, working under the Foreman, as a Waggoner with horses from the stacking of sheaves of corn that formed the distinctly different stacks from this area and all manner of other farm work to becoming a shepherd.  He stayed at the farm from then until he married and finally in 1959 moved away to the Cotswolds to manage a farm and then onto Sussex for further seventeen years before returning to his beloved Holderness.

Working his own three horses for pleasure during his move South Ron tells us that he stuck religiously to the Holderness way that he had been brought up with.  This involved, for example, riding a heavy horse into a show ring whilst pulling a pole wagon.  On one such occasion Ron was asked by a judge ‘who do you think you are, a Jockey’? to which Ron replied ‘you want to get out a bit more, for this he is the Holderness tradition and this is a Holderness wagon’.  He believed in his ways and he struck to them and thank goodness he did for that is the beauty of this story of life told by an extraordinary man.  This is full of stories it is story that portrays the idiom of the people and the aspirations of the time.  For me Ron Creasey was an extraordinary find not just because of the different culture but the intense detail if this rural area and because his accurate mind which made him a walking history book.

I hope you enjoy this as much I did visiting him and his wife, Nancy.

Sadly Ron died on Friday 18th April 2008.

Double DVD

Time:  DVD1:  1 hour & 29 minutes  DVD2:  1 hour approx.

Product Code: NLDVD48




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