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My Life with Percheron Horses, by Sid Everett

The 90 year old Norfolk gentleman that you are about to hear entertain us with stories from his life working Percheron horses started as a private in the Home Guard and was soon made a Sergeant and then an Officer.  This is a reflection of his intellect, presence, awareness and vision which is something that he strongly holds to this day.

Sidney William Everitt was born at Barnham Broom in Norfolk on 25th April 1922 and had an observant eye for his Father’s work as a horseman on Mr Alan Alston’s farm at East Tuddenham in Norfolk where there were 12 Percheron horses, including stallions and a working stallion leader.  Sid even played truant to have a go on his Father’s plough, only to get the belt from both Father and the Headmaster! Starting full time at the age of 14, he became second ‘team-man’ at 16 and ‘head team-man’ at 18, at which time he could do every job on the farm that involved horses.  Here he tells us how he took 7 Percherons to the Royal Norfolk Show and won 7 prizes, how he broke his horses to the plough, how he set his land out for ploughing the lighter land with three horses and a double furrow plough, and the heavy land with two horse and a single furrow plough, changing his horses as necessary at dinner time.  He tells us how he dealt with horses that would lie down at plough and those that got ‘spooked’, and how he treated those horses gored by a cow, hit by shrapnel and even one affected by poll evil.  He would sing all day to his horses to let them know that he was happy with them and he furthermore tells us how he learned the secret of separating fighting stallions.  Although not recorded here, he told of the horsemen’s use of the frog’s bone and the melt, and that he always spread the afterbirth of newborn foal, in the traditional manner, upon a blackthorn hedge.

The modern world has lost the natural ability and language to express phenomena and feeling in story, but not Sidney, so his ability to tell a story was an added pleasure to my visit when it was an honour to be in his company and to enter his life.  I very much believe that it is wrong to do anything that could disturb the natural ambience of these home recordings, so you will occasionally hear Sidney’s cockatiel in the background.

Time:  1 hour & 20 minutes  Produced:  March 2013

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