Singing Postman Night at Crab & Winkle, Framlingham


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Singing Postman Night 2006
The birthday of East Anglia’s own immortal bard, Allan Smethurst, is on the 18th November and every year on the nearest Saturday Andrew Stannard and his friends gather to celebrate his birth by entertaining with some of the many songs that he wrote.
Country Entertainers like Andrew have taken the songs written by Allan Smethurst to their heart but this should not be surprising for Allan, who incidentally made a name for himself in the pop world as the Singing Postman, was a man of their culture and the idiom of the Norfolk/Suffolk people is portrayed here at it’s best.
How Allan would have loved the fun of this occasion as Andrew, Dave and John entertain with humour in the time honoured way.  The Crab and Winkle is Andrew’s private barn where those interested in ‘the way it was’ gather once a month to entertain the folks as ever.
The 19 songs here were all performed by Allan apart from one, the last ‘it ain’t half hard for an old Suffolk boy to learn how to sing the blues’.  This was composted by John and he is quick to point out that it would not have been composed if he had not been influenced by Allan who he visited in a Salvation Army hostel in Grimsby.  There are 63 minutes here of Norfolk/Suffolk fun in song featuring:
1.  Andrew – The Wash Day Song
2.  David – Molly Windley
3.  John – Stone Picking Time
4.  Andrew – Willie The Verger
5.  John – Horn Rim Glasses
6.  ‘Jonny Cash’ – Do You Far Keep a Dickie?
7.  Andrew – Mind Yer Head Bor
8.  David – The Cricket Match
9.  John – The Poacher – Can’t do Noth’en anymore
10.  Andrew – Norwich is a Fine City
11.  David – She’ll h’ata come along a me
12.  John – The Old North Walsham Line
13.  Andrew – Edna the Barmaid
14. David – I can’t get a nice loaf of bread
15. John – Miss from Diss
16. John/Andrew/David – Following the Binder Round
17. Andrew – I’m a Runcton Man
18. David – The Sound Barrier
19. John – It ain’t half hard for an old Suffolk boy to learn how to sing the blues
Singers:  Andrew Stannard, John Lowe, David Clarke, and ‘Jonny Cash’.
Time: 1 hour   Produced: September 2007

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