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Charles 'Wags' Aldred (born Walpole Suffolk on 8th April 1925) was raised almost in the horse manger and at fourteen was deemed to be sufficiently accomplished a horseman to be allowed to take the stallion that he had grown up with, Beccles Lord Foch, out on the road and from farm to farm for the purpose of serving mares.  For the next thirty years this was to be Wag's occupation along with working and showing Suffolk horses across the length and breadth of England with his Father, Buller Aldred.

Buller Aldred was already a legendary horseman and passed onto Wags stories that had been passed to him and these, together with stories from Wag's own experience on the land, at shows and out on the road, are told here in Wag's own handwriting.  Wags has that rare ability to write as he speaks and although it is not written in dialect, the beauty of it is that it is full of his words, his local and horse sayings a jest in almost every line. 

‘The ability to write so fluently and economically is a rare gift .. he speaks diretly to the reader and offers the truth from the horses mouth’Prof. JDA Widdowson, The Centre for English Traditional Heritage

Approx 380 pages plus 140 photos, mostly of the horses they used but all relevant to the text and not romantic 'imports' from archival purchase.

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