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Ted Porter’s Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, his uncles and cousins were all horse dealers in fact, from the family home at Trotter Rest, horse dealing has been in the family from as far back as they can trace, certainly from the beginning of the nineteenth century.  Ted furthermore tells us that when he went to buy a horse one day he met and married the horse dealers daughter.  He has done everything with horses ‘except eat ‘em’’.  He was a renowned show judge and in his younger days a noted point to point rider.  He was joint master of the East Essex Foxhounds for eleven years and his wife would tell you that she often had her mount sold from underneath her in the hunting field.  He attended horse sales daily all over this country, in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and into Europe.  Here we hear that before the Second World War there were horse fairs in Denmark with 8000 horses to be sold but Ted could not compete with the Germans who were even then buying horses for their troopers.  When the Germans had bought the first two thousand horses then Ted could start.

Although 95 years old when I got to see him Ted was pleased to find horse dealing stories for me and I am delighted that Roger Clark, who was a great friend of Ted’s was so forthcoming to provide his introduction for this great man who underlined for us just how important the horse was ‘in it’s age’.  The knowledge of horse has many facets.  Decisions needed to be quick steadfast and sure for when selling your stock in trade was your reputation to stand by the quality of your merchandise.  I am indebted to Chris Porter Ted’s only son who gives us a second DVD by way of a historical portrait of his Father’s methods, the horse auctions and fairs he attended, the cures, treatments and improvements and the slang and code of the old horse dealers.  It provides an excellent backdrop of information for Ted’s stories.

Double DVD

Time:  Both DVD’s 50 minutes each  Produced:  October 2005

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