Wags Aldred - Stallion Leader at the Age of Fourteen


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Charles Reginald Huge ‘Wags’ Aldred was born at Walpole near Halesworth on 8th April 1925.  His Father and Grandfather were both horsemen and stockman and their photographs hang to this day in Walpole Village Hall.  Wags was with horses almost from his birth and at the age of eight was already working them in the fields.  At the age of fourteen he left school to become a full time horseman and was even then considered a proficient horsemen enough to ‘travel a stallion’.  This meant walking a Stallion along the road from farm to farm, then preparing and holding it while it served the mare.  Here you will hear how at the first farm the head horsemen refused to hold the mare for a stallion held by a boy so Wags told the farmer that he would hold them both, which he duly did.  Here you’ll also hear how he walked the Stallion Beccles Lord Foch twenty miles one day serving seventeen mares.

But these DVDs are not just about information.  All the information in the world is firstly about people and if you cannot relate it, it is valueless.  When you watch these DVDs you will see a story teller who tells for you story after story about people and their use and ways with the horse.  Most important these are stories from the age of the heavy horse, an age that is now over and finished.

The heavy horse today is but a living symbol of its past and is only as relevant as its importance to that past.  These are real day to day stories about that way of life from the age when the horse provided the power on the land and the almost only means of local transport.  The horseman was without doubt the most important person in his community and a stallion leader was held in much respect for his control and knowledge.

Times:  Two DVDs of just under an hour each.  Produced:  August 2007

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