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This is the second double DVD of Charles ‘Wags’ Aldred.  Born at Walpole Suffolk on 8th April 1925 it comprises story after story from his life, about walking a stallion from farm to farm.  In these stories of people he drops in valuable information about the era and the way that people thought in this age when the horse was still the power with which the land was cultivated.

The Irish story collector Delargy said in the 1930s that we are at the end of the Middle Ages, a dramatic statement to make and one which requires some thought.  The Middle Ages however seem to cover the period of the horse and it was not really until the 1950s that the usefulness of the horse finally gave way to the little grey Fergy tractor.  This ear of the 1950s furthermore saw the splitting up of many of the landed estates for the inherited wealth of the old aristocracy was being heavily taxed.  Farmers fortunes ha turned during the war years and they were anxious to acquire their holdings.  With it, the old feudal system faded away.  George Ewart Evans who immersed himself in the Suffolk people until he understood the mindset of the old horsemen refers to this as being ‘of the prior culture’ I think that this prior culture faded away with the end of the Middle Ages because it gave way to a whole new way of media inspired ‘literate’ thinking from the urban ‘literate’ class.  Many men left the land in the years following the fifties and Wags as you will hear was one of them.

It is only when one meets someone like Wags that one can experience the change in mindset from the period of ‘the prior culture’.  I have all my life wondered what ‘the old boys down the cart lodge’ had that scholastic study did not, and it has taken a lifetime to understand it.  I found my visit to Wags most rewarding for not only does he have an accurate memory for detail from ‘the age of the horse, but he has that now rare gift that we in the literate world are losing – the speech that naturally composes story.  For it is story that passes principles of understanding – wisdom.  See George Ewart Evans, ‘Where Beards Wag All’ Chapter 15.

Double DVD

Time:  100 minutes approx.  Produced:  May 2006

Product Code: NLDVD34




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