This web site is devoted to the spoken word of the vernacular indigenous people and all that it passes in terms of Traditional Song, Story, Wisdom, History and Cultural Identity - Folk Life, Folk Song & Folk Story.

All available DVDs and CDs are from recordings by Neil Lanham made since the late 1950s from ordinary people - the natural people of the oral tradition - the spoken tradition that existed within the environment that Neil was brought up in.  Nothing here is recreated from literature in any way.  Neil's intention has been to faithfully recycle the undiluted tradition back to the people of the culture that it came out of without any modern influences of commercialism, journalistic or romantic bias.  With a particular emphasis on story as well as dialect, traditional song and music a very special social history is displayed from the feelings of ordinary people who were actually part of it helping to form a way of life that no longer exists.

Much of the tradition surrounded the heavy horse so these recordings then are taken from those horsemen who worked the heavy horse in its age also Horse Dealers, Auctioneers, Gamekeepers, Rabbit Catchers and Poachers, Gypsies, Traditional Singers, Step Dancers and all Self Entertainers.  Their very different and above all natural way of life, language and thought pattern had great virtues that has been lost in modern society and they go largely unrecognised.