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Oral Mindsett

The Oral Mindset, Language, and Inherited Skill of the Natural Storyteller

A pre-publication copy of the 6,000 paper read at the Folk Life Society Conference at Newcastle.




Big Interview - A Rural Tradition Recorded For Our Future Generations

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A rural tradition recorded for our future generations




The East Anglian Daily Times double page spread on Neil is titled 'Telling Tales at the Bend of the Road' and is about Neil's story - Friday 25th July 2014



Subsequent Correspondence;

The picture of Neil was from the East Anglia Daily Times Letters to Editor p30 25th July 2014 and My Reply same p28 28th July 2014



Orality Metaphor
Experience Teaches Wisdom





Neil had an article published by the Centre For English Traditional Heritage
George Ewart Evans and the Laboratory of
Awareness of Marcel Jousse

read it in full on their web site


My Eels Foot Week in the 1960's


The Finest Meal That I Ever Ate



The Dancing Tradition in Suffolk



An Adventure in Search of Tradition





Granny's Ole Recipe Book