Historic Events

BBC Antique Road Show Filming 2011

Fiona Bruce & Neil on the ‘unique’ 2-speed differential drive, pedal roller by A S F Robinson of Barsham,Suffolk, first patented in 1908. Used for Cricket Creases and Gentlemen’s Lawn Tennis Courts, it had belonged to Neil’s Grandfather and was filmed for possible inclusion in The BBC Antiques Road Show television programme in autumn 2011.

T.E.A.S.M.  Troups of the East Anglian Seperatist Movement 2001

Picture taken in Haverhill Street Music Festival on their way to attack Arundle Castle to recover for East Anglia the bones of Edmund King and Martyr where the (wicked) Duke of Norfolk had them imprisoned.  At the prior parade Private Tin Ribs was awarded the Croix de Bumpstead and was later interviewed on the phone by Radio Cambridge and told them how he had shot 3 generals!!

Private Tin Ribs Displays the Croix de Bumpstead

Neil Ploughing with Nigel Oakley's Horses at Wantisden Rally 1998

The Castle Camps and Rawalpindi Wounded Soldiers Band

Taken in the Haverhill Street Music Festival prior to their march to Rawalpindi to discover the secret of their favourite India Pale Ale.  Salute taken by Maharajah (John Barnes) and the Margarine of Rawalpindi along with General Denis.  Mayoral reception and speeches about the east, obtuse and acute angles followed at the Wine (thanks to Boyton Vineyards) Reception.

Neil & Peter Gibbs Entertaining The Fans At Wembley 1978

Some of the songs sung were:  Big Alan Hunter, Twas Down by the North Stand, Oh Ah Oh Ah I Went Wemb-ley, When We Won The Cup, The Silver Darling, I Remember Tommy Lawton, Ipswich Up The Town and many more. 

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Tappletons Toe Tappers & The Banjo Boys 1978

(See Albion Fairs and The Sun in the East) Dragons Hill, Eye and Rougham Tree Fairs. Neil, Don McKay, Mick Coppin and the Banjo Boys from The Leeds Band.

Flute, Box & Bones Band 1976

Long Melford Street.  Horse Drawn Omnibus belonging to George Mossman (famous for film hire).  Stones Ginger Wine Advertising Manager took Neil to lunch with the aim of sponsoring an L.P. record but having heard ‘The Matter Seemed to Fade Away’! Mick Coppin, Neil & the elusive Jack Grenville.

Lieutenant Tappleton (Neil) with the Band

Entertain the Eatanswill Dickensian Society of Sudbury. Wardle (hand on lapel) owned the Boat House Restaurant at Sudbury where Neil and Don would play for the guests on Friday evenings.